SECB and SIX Interbank Clearing, as operators of the euroSIC system, provide the unique combination of settlement bank and clearing system. They provide the processing of euro payments for the participating financial institutions within the system and cross-border in real time, with 24-hour availability on all bank working days without excessive liquidity requirements and at very attractive conditions.

The advantages of SECB and euroSIC as a central channel for euro payments are obvious:

  • Provision of direct connections to all important clearing systems in the European monetary union.
  • Direct settlement of euro payments with all euroSIC participants within Switzerland, Liechtenstein and other European countries.
  • Central online cash management.
  • Provision of intraday and/or overnight credits against the pledging of securities.
  • Reachability in the European clearing systems through the option of registering as a participant through the SECB.
  • Cost savings through concentration on one instead of diverse bank accounts
  • Attractive conditions.
  • As a European correspondent bank, the SECB also offers its highly-qualified services to banks that are not euroSIC participants and who would like both a central connection to all clearing systems within the European monetary union and to financial institutions in Switzerland. As an entry point in Switzerland, the SECB provides the free routing of payments to all euroSIC participants.
  • For their payment transactions, SECB customers profit from the geographical reach extending throughout Europe and worldwide.

Our customer services team is standing by to provide you with further information regarding joining and using euroSIC to your advantage. Their contact details are listed in the adjoining box.